Dental for Dogs and Cats

Having your family veterinarian perform an annual exam and cleaning dental for dogs and cats is one of the most important things you can do for the overall health and wellness of your pet. It’s the best way to prevent tooth loss and decay due to periodontal disease, as well as serious infections that can cause disease and damage to internal organs including the heart, lungs, and liver. Here’s what you can expect when you bring your dog or cat to the TLC Animal Hospital in Inverness, FL for a dental cleaning and exam.

PreExam Screening

You’ll be briefed on what will happen during the procedure, and then your vet will give your dog or cat a physical examination. A blood sample will be taken for testing in the lab to discover any underlying issues that could cause complications. Your vet will also advise you on how to prepare your pet the night before the procedure.

During The Procedure

To prevent them from being stressed and anxious during the procedure and to keep them perfectly still, your pet will be put to sleep with an anesthetic. They’ll be given an IV to provide the fluids needed to maintain proper blood pressure, and vital signs will be constantly monitored. Your doctor will take a full set of X-rays to detect any hidden decay, cavities, and abnormalities. Then they’ll probe around the gums and teeth to discover any dental issues under the gum line. They’ll apply fillings to cavities where needed, and if necessary will perform an extraction if a tooth can’t be saved. Then your pet’s teeth will be thoroughly cleaned of plaque and tartar and polished to a bright gleaming white.

Post Procedure

Your pet will need to spend an hour or two in a recovery room for rest and observation after the procedure and then you’ll be able to take them home. Plan for them to spend the whole day with us. Your vet will review the results of the exam with you and recommend further dental treatment if necessary. They’ll give you instructions for post-procedure care and medication at home and tell you about how you can promote better dental health for your pet with special treats, chews, and diets.

To schedule an exam and cleaning dental for dogs and cats at the TLC Animal Hospital of Inverness, FL, please use our convenient online form. We look forward to seeing you!