Cat and Dog Grooming in Inverness, FL

We all like to look our best when we are out and about. While you might not think your pet cares about its appearance, dog and cat grooming can boost their self-esteem. Besides, even if they remain indoors, it’s still possible for pets to get dirty in a way that even a thorough cat cleaning can’t handle. TLC Animal Hospital offers dog and cat grooming services to Inverness, FL owners looking to provide their pets with love and attention.

Benefits of a Pet Groomer

Even if you enjoy grooming your dog or cat at home, you can save a lot of time and energy by letting a professional handle those services. An energetic animal can take a lot of care and patience, especially if it has other issues.

Dog and cat grooming professionals can use tools to get the mats out of your dog or cat’s fur before bathing. That includes clippers, rounded scissors, and an adjustable grooming table.

If your dog or cat is getting ready for a breed show, a dog or cat groomer understands the details of executing a breed show cut. Once your pet’s fur is in order, it’s much easier to lather it with a gentle, non-toxic shampoo. In addition, groomers check your dog or cat’s ears for signs of infection.

Dog and cat groomers also get rid of a lot of excess pet hair, which means it doesn’t end up on your floor or clogging your vacuum cleaner. Another benefit of visiting a pet groomer is the way they know how to handle older pets. They tend to become more anxious when you groom them at home. Your groomer understands how to gently muzzle your pet or handle them carefully if they suffer from arthritis or back pain.

Cat and Dog Grooming in Inverness, FL

Grooming Cats

Cats groom themselves constantly, meaning they’re continuously ingesting fur. That can lead to hairballs that could cause blockages that require your cat to have surgery. Putting your cat on a regular grooming schedule reduces those risks and keeps their fur mat-free.

The right groomer understands how to make sessions pleasant and stress-free for cats. Groomers can also offer diet tips to the owner to keep their cat’s fur shiny and healthy or to clear up skin issues, like dry and flaky skin.

Long-haired breeds like Maine Coons can require a lot of fur upkeep. They’re prone to developing matted fur that sticks to the skin, which is very painful for your pet. Groomers can also recognize any bumps and lumps that might indicate a problem with parasites or other health problems.

 Inverness, FL Cat and Dog Grooming

Grooming Dogs

Regular dog grooming keeps your dog looking and smelling good. It also reduces the time you have to groom your pet at home. Other health benefits provided by dog grooming include:

  • Baths designed to rid your dog of dirt and relieve skin irritation
  • Removal of mats from coats that can pull at the skin
  • Having the right brush to get rid of dead and damaged fur makes the coat healthier.
  • Removing dead skin while distributing natural oils around your dog’s fur
  • Nail trimming to cut down on tears and cracks

How often to groom a dog varies depending on its breed, coat type, and hair length. Climate and the amount of time your pet spends outside also factor into the equation. Professional groomers understand how to make them comfortable with touching, so they have an easier time during visits. Young puppies might need a gradual introduction to grooming.

At-Home Grooming Tips

After a professional cleaning, a lot of owners can keep their dog or cat coats and keep them looking tidy. Ask your groomer for the type of brush that suits your pet’s fur. Use it to remove tangles and dirt while spreading oils around the coat. Doing so keeps the skin healthy and cuts down on irritation.

For pets with long hair, start at the stomach and legs, then work your way up. Put the fur on your dog or cat’s tail down the center, then brush each side. Use an upward motion to lift the fur and encourage cleaning.

When it comes to cats, you can tell whether they need a bath by the oiliness of their fur or if they get into something sticky or smelly. Make sure you are using a cat-safe shampoo. Brush them first to keep your hair from clogging your drain, then put down a rubber mat to make your cat comfortable.

Fill the tub or sink with a few inches of warm water, then wet your cat thoroughly with a pitcher or hose. Please stay away from their face, especially their nose and eyes. Dogs typically need more frequent baths. Start bathing them from the neck, then rinse them with warm water.

Pet Grooming Services in Inverness

Contact our Inverness veterinarian for more advice on dog and cat grooming.